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6 Steps Effective Strategy

I ensure when you pick my blog management services, it is just not like ordinary words. In the last 10 years, I’ve figured out an effective 6-step method to help you reach your goals without burning yourself out.

Step 1

High-Value Keyword Targeting

Focusing on high-traffic, revenue-generating keywords rather than simple ones increases your ROI.

Step 2

Content Strategy​

An effective content strategy is essential for blog success. So I do relevant keyword research and analyze the competitors to make an effective content strategy to meet your business goals.

Step 3

SEO Action Plan

I identify precise strategies and tactics to enhance your website's SEO. My seasoned approach, honed over years, prioritizes actions with the highest impact on organic search visibility. Efficiency is my focus – I target impactful changes first.

Step 4

High-Quality Content

I will write content that provides value to your blog. I make sure to write content that is informative and SEO-friendly. I will do thorough research on your targeted market and write accordingly.

Step 5

Maintenance/Technical SEO

Uncovering and fixing technical errors on your website like crawl and index errors, 301 redirect chains, 404-page errors, improve crawl depth opportunities, broken links, and slow page speeds can almost immediately improve your organic search traffic.

Step 6

Quality Backlinks

I use quality backlinks to improve your blog authority, make it more SEO-friendly, and get more traffic. Additionally, these backlinks help crawlers to find your content and index them quicker.

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  • Technical site audit
  • Search audit
  • Backlink audit
  • Competitor analysis


  • Writing content
  • SEO fixes
  • Backlink outreach


  • Mapping keywords to landing pages
  • SEO content planning
  • Technical fixes
  • Planning links


  • Tracking rankings
  • Tracking traffic and conversion
  • Calculating SEO ROI

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