Does Bing Ads work for any website niche?  Google Ads Vs Bing Ads

Many niche site owners have these questions in their mind when evaluating paid search.

  • Does Bing Ads work for any website niche? 
  • Should niche websites use Bing Ads or Google Ads? 
  • Is one better suited for certain niches? 

These are the most common questions when considering search advertising. In this guide, we’ll explore the key differences between Bing and Google to determine which works best for niche sites. 

By the end, you’ll have the insights to determine if your niche is better served by Bing Ads, Google Ads, or using both in tandem. 

Does Bing Ads work for any website niche?  Google Ads Vs Bing Ads

There are different  factors that decide which Ads is best.

Comparing the Bing and Google Audiences

One major consideration is understanding the different user bases. Google clearly dominates overall search share. However, Bing reaches valuable niche demographics.

Here are key stats on each network’s users:


  • Massive reach – Over 90% global search market share
  • Core age groups – 18-44 yrs old
  • Early adopters – More tech-savvy users
Does Bing Ads work for any website niche


  • Strong in older demos – Indexes higher with 45-65+ yrs old
  • Value shoppers – Higher income households
  • PC loyalists – More desktop than mobile users
Does Bing Ads work for any website niche

If your audience is more affluent and middle-aged, Bing might be a good fit. For a younger and broader audience, Google is likely more aligned with your niche.

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Keyword Targeting and Competition Differences

Targeting distinct keywords is another major difference. Google’s vast scale leads to intense competition on high value keywords. Bing provides opportunity for less competitive niches.

One of the most important factors in determining if Bing Ads will work is identifying effective keywords for your niche. The keywords you target need to match user intent for your products/services and have sufficient search volume. 

Here are key factors to consider:

  • Niche long-tail keywords may cost less on Bing
  • Brand name keywords work well for both
  • Avoid hyper-competitive terms on Google
  • Match keywords precisely to each network’s users

Focus on 3-5 word long-tail keywords that clearly describe what users are looking for. Short 1-2 word keywords are too general. Long-tails allow you to hone in on searcher intent.

Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or Moz Keyword Explorer to find keywords related to your niche with decent search volume. Avoid keywords with very low search volume.

Look at the search results pages for your target keywords. If the results appear very competitive with large brands dominating, it may be challenging for a small brand to compete.

Pro Tip

Search for specific phrases with good search volume and less competition on Bing. Include keywords related to the 45+ age group, such as “Medicare” and “retirement planning.” 

This careful keyword research will help you find terms that attract the right audience through Bing Ads, emphasizing keywords tied to buyer intent.

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Optimizing Ads and Landing Pages

Once you’ve identified your target keywords, the next step is setting up effective ads and landing pages. Your ads need to capture attention and clearly communicate what your brand offers. Your landing pages should deliver on the ad’s promises.

Write compelling ad headlines focused on the main customer problem or need. Get their attention with a hook relevant to your niche.

Use ad extensions like callouts, call extensions and sitelinks to take up more ad space and provide additional relevant information.

Ensure your landing pages load fast and focus immediately on what the visitor will find based on your ad’s messaging. Quickly answer their question or present the offering.

Use landing page forms strategically to capture leads when appropriate. Don’t add forms if they will distract from the main visitor intent.

Pro Tip

Make call-to-actions on landing pages crystal clear. Tell visitors exactly what to do after landing on your page based on your niche and offering.

Optimizing and Enhancing Performance

Getting Bing Ads to work for your niche requires regularly analyzing campaign performance and making ongoing optimizations. You need to identify what’s working well, what isn’t, and adjust your approach over time.

Monitor your ad click-through rates closely to identify underperforming ones, aiming for CTRs above 1-2% in most niches. 

It’s a good idea, Evaluate landing page bounce rates, and if they are high, consider adjusting for better alignment with your ads. Track conversions from landing page forms, phone calls, emails, or other leads to understand the value derived from Bing traffic, keeping an eye on conversion rates. 

Make Set up conversion tracking in your analytics platform to easily attribute conversions to Bing Ads, providing critical performance data for informed decision-making.

Pro Tip

Use Bing Ads reports and tools like Keyword Planner to gain added insights and find additional optimizations.

By making the most of each network’s capabilities and aligning your strategy with the respective audiences, you can maximize returns. Be open to testing Bing Ads even if you already invest in Google.

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Google Ads Strengths and Limitations

Now take a look the advantages and disadvantages of Google Ads for niches:


  • Massive reach and visibility
  • Advanced targeting and optimization tools
  • Wide variety of ad formats and extensions


  • Very high competition on valuable keywords
  • Higher minimum budget requirements
  • Potentially higher CPCs targetting niche buyers

Google simply provides the greatest exposure due to its search dominance. But the intense competition presents challenges especially for smaller niche sites. The advanced capabilities also have learning curves.

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Bing Ads Pros and Cons for Niches

Alternatively, Bing Ads provide key benefits but some restrictions to consider:


  • Less competitive landscape for niches
  • Lower CPCs for niche long-tail keywords
  • Reach targeted demographic groups


  • Lower search volume/visibility overall
  • Fewer robust targeting and optimization features
  • Limited to only search and shopping ad formats

Bing provides fertile ground for niches but doesn’t have the rich feature set or analytical options. Factor this tradeoff into your assessment.

A Quick View Which Is Best? Goodgle Ads Vs Bing Ads

  • Google has scale but high costs; Bing offers less competition
  • Tailor keyword targeting to each platform’s unique users
  • Make the most of the distinct features of each network
  • Optimizing to the audience drives better conversion performance
  • Testing both Bing & Google helps niche sites access more searchers

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FAQs About Does Bing Ads work for any website niche

Medical, B2B, finance, and some retail & ecommerce niches often see strong results on Bing. But any niche can thrive with the right strategy tailored to Bing’s users.

Google’s local ad capabilities are very robust for local niches. But Bing should not be overlooked – optimize locally but target broader geographic regions too.

Bing campaigns can start small with budgets under $25/day in most cases. Set an initial daily budget and adjust based on performance.


Determining the best PPC platform for niche sites requires understanding the unique value proposition of both Bing Ads and Google Ads. When deciding between Bing and Google, consider your niche, target keywords, budget, and business goals. This approach ensures that your choice aligns with the unique aspects of your business, and it will help you make a decision that best serves your specific needs and objectives.

By utilizing both Bing and Google you can  reach a broader audience.  By optimizing strategically for each network, you can make paid search effective for any niche. Hope this comparison in our guide Does Bing Ads work for any website niche will be helpful for understanding these points. 

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