How To Get Instagram Access Token For WordPress: 2 Convenient Methods

In today’s digital world, Instagram is the most popular social media platform  with over 1 billion active users. So, merging Instagram with WordPress can help businesses and brands to grip this huge audience. But to integrate the two, you need an Instagram access token.

  • How do you get this access token? 
  • What steps are involved? 
  • Is it a complicated process?

In this detailed guide, we will explain the process of getting an Instagram access token for WordPress integration. We will also cover everything you need to know about how to get instagram access token for wordpress. Lets scroll down below! 

What is an Instagram Access Token and Why Do You Need It?

An Instagram access token is a unique code that will be helpful when you want to access both Instagram account information and WordPress content simultaneously. It acts like a digital key or passport that proves your identity and grants access.

Here are some key reasons why you need an Instagram access token to integrate with WordPress:

The access token allows WordPress to pull and display your Instagram posts without needing your username and password. This is more secure than entering your credentials directly into WordPress.

  • Allows WordPress to securely connect with your Instagram account
  • Grants WordPress permission to display your Instagram content
  • Enables WordPress plugins to access your account information and posts
  • Refreshes automatically so you don’t have to re-authenticate frequently

So inahort, the Instagram access token is essential for WordPress to communicate with the Instagram API and  your Instagram presence. Let’s now see how to get it step-by-step.

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Get Instagram Access Token For WordPress

Get Instagram Access Token For WordPress

Follow these steps to generate an Instagram access token for WordPress:

Step 1: Register an app on Facebook’s Developer platform

Click on this link below and go to the Facebook developer platform. Next, click on ‘Create App’. Fill in a name, contact email, category for your app and click ‘Create App ID’

In the dashboard, click on ‘Settings’ and add your Instagram account as a test user.

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Pro Tip

This links your Instagram account to the Facebook app you created. Later, any access tokens generated will provide access to this connected account.

Step 2: Get your App ID and App Secret

Get Instagram Access Token For WordPress

In the app dashboard, note down your ‘App ID’ and ‘App Secret’ codes. You’ll need these to get the access token. Use the codes to generate an access token.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Online using Facebook’s Access Token Tool
  • Through the Instagram API using a language like cURL

We’ll cover both methods in detail next

Pro Tip

The access token will be long and unique, so make sure to copy it in full.

  • Input the access token into your WordPress plugin
  • Install a WordPress plugin that connects with Instagram (e.g. Instagram Feed)
  • Follow the plugin instructions to add your access token
  • The plugin will now have access to display your Instagram content

That covers the key steps at a high level. Now let’s explain the two recommended methods for actually generating the Instagram access token using the app codes.

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Method 1: Get Access Token using Facebook’s Tool

This is the easiest way to generate the access token without coding:

  • First of all, Go to Facebook’s Access Token Tool: which is also known as Facebook developer platform by clicking on this link.
  • Here choose the ‘Instagram’  option from the first dropdown menu.
  • Paste your App ID, App Secret and Instagram username into the fields.
  • Click on the button ‘Generate Access Token’.
  • Now you can Copy the long access token string that you can see on the screen.

The tool handles all the background API calls and returns a valid long-lived access token for you.


Make sure to enable the appropriate Instagram data permissions in your Facebook app settings depending on what content you need to display in WordPress.

Method 2: Get Access Token via Instagram API

For developers, you can programmatically generate the access token with the Instagram API:

  • Here you can make a POST request to this endpoint:
  • Enter your App ID, App Secret, and grant type as URL parameters.
  • Instagram will return an access token string in the response.

Pro Tip

For added security, generate the access token server-side and avoid exposing your app credentials in client-side code.

This uses the Instagram Auth API to authenticate and receive the access token which you can then use in WordPress.

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Step 3: Integrating Instagram with WordPress using the Access Token

Once you have generated the Instagram access token using either Method 1 or Method 2 above, you can use it to connect your Instagram account with WordPress.

Install a WordPress plugin that has Instagram integration features (e.g. Instagram Feed, Social Photo Feeds, etc). In the plugin settings, look for a field to enter your Access Token. Paste the full token string you generated earlier.

Depending on the plugin, you may need to authorize WordPress to connect with your Instagram account using the token. The plugin will handle this authentication for you.

Configure any other plugin settings like layout, number of photos to display, etc. Add the plugin shortcode to display your Instagram feed on your WordPress site.

That’s it! The plugin and access token handle communicating with the Instagram platform. Any new photos you post on Instagram will automatically appear on your WordPress site.

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Pro Tip

Don’t publicly share or expose your access token. Treat it like a password and revoke the token if it may have been compromised.

Manage Your Instagram Access Tokens in Your WordPress Settings

The access token allows WordPress to securely access your Instagram account information and posts. You can easily generate the token using Facebook’s Access Token Tool or programmatically via the Instagram API.

Input this unique token into your WordPress plugin settings to connect your Instagram account with WordPress. The token eliminates the need to enter your Instagram credentials directly into WordPress. Handle your access token securely like a password and renew it if compromised. 

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Frequently asked Questions about How To Get Instagram Access Token For WordPress

Let’s cover some frequent questions that come up about using Instagram access tokens with WordPress:

Typically you only need to generate the access token once. The long-lived token from the Facebook tool is designed to automatically refresh without expiring. You shouldn’t need to re-generate it often.

Long-lived access tokens last indefinitely until manually revoked. However, if you’re generating a short-lived token, this expires within hours. Check the token expiration time when you create it.

Yes, you can use the same Instagram access token across all your WordPress sites. The token grants access at the overall Instagram account level, not per WordPress site.

No, there is no limit. The token gives the WordPress plugin access to all public posts on your connected Instagram account, both past and future.

You can revoke a token through your Facebook app’s settings or via the Instagram API. Once revoked, you’ll need to generate a fresh token.


In summary, With the steps and advice outlined in the guide on how to get instagram access token for wordpress , you should be able to seamlessly integrate your Instagram presence into your WordPress website. Displaying your Instagram content directly on your site keeps your audience engaged and your brand consistent across platforms.

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