How to Remove Archives and Categories in WordPress: An Ultimate Guide

Before we go through it, what exactly is a WordPress Archive? 

In WordPress. It organizes posts with common elements such as tags, dates, categories, and post types. Archives make it easy for users to access related posts. With the Yoast plugin, archive pages have “files” in their HTML header by default.

  • Why Use Category Archive Titles?
  • Which themes in WordPress are compatible with removing the Category Archive Title?
  • What happens to posts when you remove the assigned categories?

The good thing is that you can remove it easily. Wondering “How to Remove Archives and Categories in WordPress? We’ll tell you the steps in today’s blog post.

Why Use Category Archive Titles?

Remove Archives and Categories in WordPress

Category archive titles in WordPress serve several purposes to improve the overall functionality and user experience of a website:

1. Organized Content: Category file headings help categorize and organize content, making it easier for both site administrators and visitors to navigate to specific topics.

2. Improved User Navigation: Visitors can quickly locate and access content relevant to their interests by browsing category file titles. This improves the overall user experience by simplifying content discovery.

3. SEO Benefits: Category file titles help in the search engine optimization (SEO) of a website. Clear and descriptive titles help search engines understand the content and increase the site’s visibility in search results.

4. Content Structure: For webmasters and developers, category filing titles help structure and organize content. This helps manage posts and provides a more systematic approach to content creation.

5. Improved User Interaction: Well-defined category file titles encourage users to explore related content in specific categories. This engagement can lead to longer visits and more interaction with what the site has to offer.

6. Customization Options: WordPress allows users to customize category file titles and provides flexibility to customize them to fit the site’s theme and style. This customization adds a personal touch to the organization of the site.

In short, using category file titles in WordPress improves content organization, improves user navigation, provides SEO benefits, helps structure content, encourages user engagement, and provides customization options for a more personalized website experience.

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Steps By Step Guide: How to Remove Archives and Categories in WordPress?

Remove Archives and Categories in WordPress

Here are some steps to follow for removing archives and categories in WordPress.

Step1- Start with Yoast Plugin Settings

Login to WordPress and go to your WP Admin Dashboard. The left sidebar of the “Control Panel” has different menu items. Once here, go to Yoast and scroll down to Settings.

Pro Tip

Creating a backup before making any major changes to your WordPress site is always recommended. Use reliable backup plugins or your hosting provider’s backup tools to protect your website data.

Step 2- Navigate to ‘Content Types’.

Now, explore the Yoast plugin settings menu for various options. Specifically, find and access the Content Types settings. Here, you can customize various aspects of your site’s content, including custom posts, posts, and page types. 

If you want to remove the word “File” from other custom post-type file pages, such as “Products“, be sure to select that post type in the “Content-Type” submenu.

Note: Remember, in this step, we’ll focus on going into the “Guides” content type settings to change the title of the archive page.

Step 3- Go to the ‘Archive’ settings section.

In the content settings for your post type, go to the “Files” section.

Since this is the type of post we’re working on, we’ll jump to the Driver Files section in this step. We will set the ‘SEO Title’ in the ‘Search Appearance’ section.

Here, you can see how the current page title ‘Guide File – MRK WP’ is set in the ‘SEO Title’ search screen settings.

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Step 4- Change the Archives Page title.

To alter the Archives Page title, enter the desired title in the SEO title text field. Optimize for relevant keywords and user clarity. Save the changes to enhance SEO and user experience.

Step 5- Clear Website Cache

In this step, access your cache plugin settings and initiate the cache-clearing process. Afterward, open the archive page in your browser to view the updated page title immediately, ensuring that recent changes are reflected and optimizing user experience.

Remember: When you make changes to your site, you usually have to wait for Google crawlers to discover those changes. Google will then change the search index and then update all site titles.

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Which Themes in WordPress are Compatible with Removing the Category Archive Title?

The ability to remove category archive titles in WordPress is not inherently theme-dependent but is often based on the theme’s compatibility with customization options or additional plugins. However, themes that offer strong customization options or support a variety of page builders are often more flexible in allowing users to hide or change certain elements, including category archive titles.

Popular themes known for their customization capabilities and compatibility with various plugins include:

1. Astra: Astra is a highly customizable and lightweight theme that works well with page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder. It provides options to control various elements on your website.

2. OceanWP: OceanWP is another flexible and customizable theme suitable for different types of websites. It integrates well with popular page builders and offers many customization options.

3. GeneratePress: GeneratePress is a lightweight and responsive theme focusing on performance. It is compatible with various page builders and offers various customization options through its premium version.

4. Divi: Divi is a good theme for deleting category files and is suitable for various WordPress sites. It comes with a built-in page builder and extensive customization options, allowing users to control the appearance of various elements on their website.

5. Enfold: Enfold is a multipurpose drag-and-drop builder theme. It offers a wide range of customization options, making it suitable for users who want control over the layout and design of their websites.

Remember: It is important to note that the ability to remove category file titles may also depend on the presence of a custom theme options panel or customization tools in your WordPress dashboard. Additionally, plugins like Yoast SEO can provide settings to control archive titles regardless of theme.

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Pro Tip

Before choosing a theme, it is recommended that you check its documentation or support forums to verify that it provides the customization options you need to manage your category file titles.

What Happens to Posts When you Remove the Assigned Categories?

There are a few consequences when you remove assigned categories from WordPress posts:

Uncategorized Status: If posts have only the removed category and no other categories are assigned, they will automatically be assigned to the default category in WordPress, usually called “No Category”.

No Category Assignment: If posts have multiple categories, removing a category means those posts will no longer be associated with that category. Posts will be assigned a category once a new category is selected.

It affects category files: Removing a category from posts means that those posts will no longer appear on the category archive page of the removed category. A category archive page is a page that displays all posts related to a particular category.

SEO Impact: Depending on your SEO strategy, removing categories may impact your website’s SEO. Categories play a role in organizing content for search engines. A post losing all its categories can impact how search engines index and understand the content.

Navigation Changes: If your site has menus or widgets that display posts by specific categories, removing categories may change the layout and appearance of the content in those areas.

Pro Tip

Handle Changes Carefully

It’s important to plan and handle changes carefully when changing categories, especially if posts have already been published. Consider the potential impact on navigation, SEO, and user experience. If you’re rebuilding categories, update menus, widgets, and internal or external links that point to category-specific files.

Remember that changes to categories can affect how your content is organized, presented, and discovered by visitors and search engines. Always back up your site before making major changes, especially to categories or classifications.

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FAQs About How to Remove Archives and Categories in WordPress In 2024

Yes, you can restore a deleted category in WordPress. In your WordPress dashboard, go to “Posts” or “Categories” and then click “Trash”. Find the deleted category, select it, and select “Restore“. This action resets the category, making it active again. Regularly checking and re-categorizing can help maintain a well-organized and structured content taxonomy.

Yes, you can hide categories in WordPress. Use custom CSS to prevent them from appearing on your site. Alternatively, explore plugins or themes that offer custom settings to control category visibility by customizing the appearance of categories to your site design and user experience preferences.

To hide categories in WordPress URLs, use a plugin like “Yoast SEO” to customize your permalink structures. Choose a structure without class names in the plugin settings. This improves the aesthetics of the URL and simplifies links while maintaining SEO optimization.


Ultimately, managing files and categories in WordPress improves content organization and user experience. By following these steps About How to Remove Archives and Categories in WordPress and using customization options. It can help users to edit their site structure, improve navigation, and optimize both SEO and user engagement, contributing to a more efficient and user-friendly WordPress site.

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