What Is the Best Way to Promote and Sell a WordPress Theme (Latest Guide 2024)

Are you a WordPress theme developer who has created beautiful and functional themes? Selling WordPress themes can be a profitable business venture, but only if done with proper planning and strategy. If so,

  • Reason to Sell WordPress Themes?
  • Where to Sell Your WordPress Theme?
  • How can you boost sales for your WordPress themes?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through diverse steps and effective strategieson What Is the Best Way to Promote and Sell a WordPress Theme, and ensuring they not only distinguish themselves but also become preferred choices among consumers.

Let’s begin!

Reason to Sell WordPress Themes

Way to Promote and Sell a WordPress Theme

The WordPress platform makes it easy for millions of people around the world to create websites without advanced coding skills. This has increased the demand for themes that allow you to quickly and easily customize your website. For these reasons, selling WordPress themes can be a profitable business.

Reason 1- Increasing Need in the Digital Age

In today’s connected digital age, online presence is essential for businesses, influencers and enthusiasts. This change in trend had the following consequences:

  • The number of websites that are opened every day is increasing.
  • There is a growing interest in platforms that provide a seamless user experience.

Crucial Figures: Statistics show that over 45% of websites worldwide use WordPress, highlighting its widespread adoption. In addition, an average of around 50,000 new WordPress websites are born every day, confirming the platform’s continued growth and popularity in the digital landscape.

Given these trends, there is an increasing need for WordPress themes catering to diverse niches, ranging from e-commerce and blogging to photography and education.

Reason 2- Opportunities for Passive Income Generation

Venturing into the sale of WordPress themes extends beyond immediate profits. It’s an investment with enduring advantages. Once a theme is crafted, developed, and listed:

  • Themes can be sold repeatedly to multiple customers.
  • Updates and features provide additional revenue streams.
  • Continuous topics provide continuous income for a long time.

Remember: Consider the $59 issue. If you have 10 monthly rebates, you will earn $590. Expanding services such as installation, customization and extended support will increase your overall revenue.

Reason 3- Versatile Platform and Varied Client Base

WordPress captivates users with unparalleled flexibility, making it a favorite.

  • Blogs to e-commerce, WordPress handles diverse content effortlessly.
  • Thousands of plugins expand functionality in an extensive ecosystem.
  • User-friendly interface empowers beginners to create websites effortlessly.

So it’s no surprise that WordPress attracts a wide range of customers from all over the world. From small businesses in Asia to large corporations in North America, the platform’s broad reach gives theme developers the opportunity to serve a global audience with diverse needs and tastes.

What Is the Best Way to Promote and Sell a WordPress Theme (Steps)

Way to Promote and Sell a WordPress Theme

We understand that promoting a WordPress theme can be challenging, but I’m here to assist you. By highlighting these steps, you’ll be on the path to increased theme sales and greater earnings. Let’s learn steps!

Step#1- Develop an Exceptional Theme

Creating a WordPress theme starts with making sure it’s responsive. This means it must appear and work seamlessly across all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. You can achieve this by adopting a responsive framework or carefully coding your themes.

A quality WordPress theme should stick to coding standards to ensure plugin compatibility and ease of modification. You need to keep up with design trends by incorporating modern typography, layouts and colours. Customizability is very important for users to customize the theme to their brand and preferences while maintaining responsiveness and good coding.

Ultimately, it’s important to keep updating your theme regularly. This ensures compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and eliminates bugs and security issues. It’s just as important to provide thorough documentation and support, making it easy to help users and ensuring a seamless experience.

Step#2- Construct a Website with a Professional Touch

If you are trying to create a website that is adjusted to your theme, it is similar to opening an online store. This virtual space is where people go to explore and buy themes. Here’s the process for you:

  1. Choose a domain and hosting: Secure an internet address and storage.
  2. Use a website builder: Create without coding with platforms like WordPress.
  3. Choose a Theme: Select a design that matches your brand.
  4. Organise content: Ensure easy navigation with clear menus and keywords.
  5. Add images and videos: Enhance visual appeal with relevant multimedia.
  6. Write compelling content: Create clear, concise, and informative website text.
  7. Get feedback: Seek opinions from friends, family, and colleagues.
  8. Keep the website updated: Regularly add new content and maintain security measures.

Step#3- Establish a Payment System

It’s crucial to prioritise transactions for theme developers who want to monetize their creations. A capable payment gateway is more than just a technical requirement. It means professionalism. Trusted platforms like PayPal, Stripe and WooCommerce provide reliability. 

When a customer decides to purchase a WordPress theme, they expect the process from selection to checkout to be streamlined. Ensure an easy checkout process to minimize cart abandonment. Regularly evaluate the shopping experience and proactively address issues to demonstrate your commitment to a seamless shopping process and prevent lost sales.

Pro Tip

With WordPress themes, a reliable payment system makes your brand stand out. Choose the right portal and test regularly for a seamless experience.

Step#4- Market Your Theme Through Social Media

Grip social media is savvy for WordPress theme sales. Popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram boast vast user bases, potential customers. Create appealing visuals highlighting theme features, share user testimonials, and tease upcoming enhancements. Engage in online events, such as Q&A sessions, to demonstrate theme functionality and address queries.

Pro Tip

Keep a consistent schedule of posting about your topic on social media. A well-thought-out plan for the timing and type of content will improve visibility. Active engagement on these platforms diversifies the topic and increases visibility.

Step#5- Grip On SEO for Enhanced Visibility in Google Search Results

To enhance your WordPress theme’s discoverability, focus on SEO. Consider SEO as a strategy to appear prominently on Google searches. Identify relevant keywords that potential users might employ to find a theme similar to yours. Integrate these keywords strategically in your website’s description, image names, and overall content.

Maintaining a blog discussing topics like the latest in web design or optimal theme utilization is beneficial. Regular updates signal activity to Google, potentially improving your site’s ranking. Incorporating SEO practices simplifies the discovery and purchase process for potential customers interested in your WordPress theme.

Step#6 Tap Into Established Online Communities

Utilize online groups and forums to effectively promote your WordPress theme. Engage with the community by offering assistance, answering questions, and sharing valuable insights, building trust and credibility. Avoid direct advertising and focus on being helpful to attract potential customers.

After establishing trust, subtly introduce your theme. Demonstrating expertise fosters interest. Positively contributing to the community spreads the word. These strategies leverage online groups and forums, expanding your WordPress theme’s reach and boosting sales with minimal effort.

Step#7- Execute Paid Advertising Initiatives

Purchase paid advertising to amplify your WordPress theme’s visibility. Platforms like Google and Facebook enable targeted ads based on users’ preferences, age, and location. Monitor ad performance and optimize underperforming ones for better results. Adjust or experiment with new approaches for continuous improvement.

Investing in strategic advertising can significantly increase the visibility and popularity of your WordPress theme. Think of it as creating a prominent online billboard. Organic discovery is great, but well-placed ads can give you an extra boost and make a huge impact. If you want to increase the visibility of your WordPress theme, it is worth considering paid advertising.

Step#8-  Grip Email Marketing for Lead Nurturing

Promoting a carefully designed WordPress theme is exciting and email marketing has proven to be extremely effective. Use Mailmunch. An effortless solution to easily promote your theme. Create unique opt-in forms for your WordPress site without any coding, making Mailmunch a flexible email marketing platform and lead generation tool that captivates potential customers.

Email marketing’s strength lies in providing a valuable ‘lead magnet.’ Tailor incentives like discounts, ebooks, or tutorials, aligning with your theme. The goal is to entice audience interest and willingly obtain their email addresses. 

As your subscriber list expands, strategic segmentation based on interests ensures content resonance and effective communication.

Consider this: Subscribers who purchased the theme may appreciate the advanced user tips, while potential buyers may find detailed feature breakdowns and special offers attractive. Exists. Time is critical. Avoid bulk sending generic emails. Be relevant and up-to-date on the latest updates on your topic and important events in your industry to show that you care about their interests and well-being.

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Step#9- Collaborate With Fellow WordPress Developers

Collaborating with other theme authors is a powerful strategy for promoting your WordPress theme. Work with developers whose work complements yours and promote each other’s work. Consider bundling your theme into special offer packages for added value.

Running online events like webinars gives you a dynamic approach to promoting your topic. Work with another developer to bring out the best of both themes and create a win-win situation. Their fans will get to know you and vice versa. 

This strategic partnership doesn’t have to cost you extra money, but it can greatly expand the reach of your WordPress theme and potentially increase your sales.

Pro Tip

So if you’re looking for a way to promote your WordPress theme, partnering with other theme authors is a great option.


Step#10- Participate in WordPress Conferences and Meetups

Direct interaction with people is very important, especially for WordPress theme creators. Attend WordPress events around the world to gain valuable connections, industry insights, and theme feedback. Interact with fellow creators, discover tools, and receive valuable feedback that helps us continually refine and improve our themes.

Networking at WordPress events offers unforeseen opportunities. Whether meeting collaborators, clients, or investors, the potential for valuable connections is significant. Even if no immediate partnerships form, the act of meeting and getting to know new individuals holds its own benefits.

Remember: As a WordPress theme creator, I recommend participating in WordPress-centric events. These gatherings offer valuable opportunities to learn, network, and receive feedback on your themes, contributing to the success and refinement of your creations.

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Where To Sell Your WordPress Theme?

Way to Promote and Sell a WordPress Theme

For selling your WordPress theme, consider these options:

  1. List it on one or more WordPress marketplaces.
  2. Establish your own e-commerce site for direct sales.
  3. Pursue both, though exclusive deals with marketplaces may yield less income.

1. Sell your WordPress Theme on a Marketplace

Selling your WordPress theme on a marketplace has its advantages, including:

  • Gain immediate exposure due to their high website traffic.
  • Utilize their robust marketing department for widespread promotion.
  • Avoid concerns about payment systems, refunds, disputes, and support logistics.
  • Eliminate the need for website maintenance and constant checks.

Now, let’s explore some drawbacks:

  • Face intense competition with thousands of established WordPress themes.
  • Limited control over pricing; high commissions, especially with exclusivity.
  • Withdrawal restrictions until reaching a set earnings threshold.
  • Possible lengthy review times and rejection without clear feedback.

Explore reputable WordPress theme marketplaces like ReadyShip, ThemeForest, TemplateMonster:

  1. ReadyShip offers additional services, recurring revenue without commissions.
  2. ThemeForest, part of Envato, boasts over 11K premium themes.
  3. TemplateMonster, an established marketplace, features over 2,400 WordPress themes.
  4. MojoMarketplace, partnered with Bluehost, provides additional exposure for themes.
  5. CreativeMarket, lesser-known for themes, offers better deals for creators, no exclusivity.

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2. Sell Your WordPress Theme on Your Own Site

Selling your WordPress theme on your e-commerce site offers advantages, including:

  • Full control over pricing, payment types for your WordPress theme.
  • No withdrawal limits. wlWithdraw any amount you earn.
  • No direct competitors on your website, sole product promotion.
  • Ideal for building a professional and authoritative brand presence.
  • Control over promotions and advertisements for your WordPress theme.
  • Determine support provision – where, if, and how you offer it.

Now, let’s explore some drawbacks:

  • Setup costs time, money.
  • Regular website checks needed.
  • Requires design, marketing, SEO expertise.
  • Ad setup demands knowledge, substantial spending, ROI isn’t guaranteed.

3. The hybrid Approach

If the mentioned drawbacks don’t bother you, consider going hybrid by selling your WordPress theme on one or more marketplaces or e-commerce sites.

This approach offers the advantages of both worlds, particularly in terms of exposure, as being on multiple sites can boost traffic.

Note that you may forego exclusive deals in most markets, and your fees will be higher.

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How can you Boost Sales For your WordPress Themes? 

Increasing WordPress theme sales requires several strategies.

1. Website Optimization: Make sure your eCommerce website is user friendly, visually appealing and mobile friendly. Optimize speed and performance.

2. Effective Marketing: Use online marketing channels such as social media, email campaigns and paid advertising to promote your topic.

3. SEO Strategy: Implement SEO strategies to increase the discoverability of your topic in search engines. Use relevant keywords and optimize your meta tags.

4. Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews and testimonials. This increases credibility and attracts potential buyers.

5. Offer demo and trials: Offer a live demo or free trial of the theme. Allowing users to experience your theme firsthand gives them more confidence when making a purchase.

6. Regular Updates and Support: Show your commitment by updating your theme regularly and providing excellent customer support. This increases customer satisfaction and encourages repeat business.

7. Special Offers and Sales: Periodically offer special offers, sales or bundle offers to attract attention and increase sales.

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FAQs About What Is the Best Way to Promote and Sell a WordPress Theme 2024

A wide range of individuals and businesses purchase WordPress themes. This includes small business owners, bloggers, freelancers, and large corporations who want to establish an online presence without spending significant time and resources developing a custom website.

After you sell your theme, continue to provide great customer support, provide updates, and consider creating additional themes. Build a community around a topic, collect feedback, and stay engaged with your customer base.


Selling and promoting WordPress themes requires great technology, strategic marketing and a deep understanding of customer needs.

By following these steps and constantly adapting to market trends, you can build a strong presence in the WordPress community and achieve significant sales for your theme. Remember, you’re not just building a product. It’s important to create value that resonates with users.

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