Why Does My WordPress Site Say Coming Soon: 5 Troubleshooting Steps

Have you ever logged into your new WordPress site, hit “publish”, and been greeted by a page proudly declaring “Coming Soon!” instead of your content? As you stare at it wondering: 

  • Why oh why does my site say it’s coming soon when it’s not?
  • Is something broken in my WordPress Site? 
  • How do I get rid of this irritating Feature?

I’ve been there too. That confusion, that frustration – it gets us all at some point on our WordPress journeys. But never fear – this handy guide will shed some light on the pesky why does my WordPress site say coming soon? and how to troubleshoot it.

Let’s peel back the curtain on these common WordPress placeholder pages.

The Meaning Behind “Coming Soon”

When you first see a generic “Coming Soon” page on your unpublished WordPress site, it sparks more questions than answers. Is something broken? Why does it think my site isn’t ready?

This friendly placeholder page has a bit of an identity crisis – it means your site is still being built before you share it publicly. Consider it a virtual “opening soon!” sign, complete with construction graphics, a launch countdown timer, or at least your logo and contact info to start building intrigue.

Many WordPress themes and hosts activate some version of a “Coming Soon” page automatically. So fret not – this is perfectly normal in the early stages of site development!

The Purpose of Maintenance Mode

On the other hand, we have the closely related “Maintenance Mode” page. This is slightly different – it means your site is already live, but you’re doing behind-the-scenes work.

Perhaps you’re troubleshooting bugs, improving pages, or adopting that hot new wombat theme your friend shared. Maintenance Mode lets you hide that mess from visitors by presenting a tidy yet temporary “Pardon our dust!” page instead.

Think of it like the virtual janitors throwing up a caution sign while they polish your site. Just minus the tiny keyboards and pixelated overalls.

Breathe easy, both these misleading status pages are built to help you out! But don’t settle for bland default messaging and imagery.

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Pro Tip

Take 5 minutes to customize these pages with your branding, content, launch countdowns and more using your theme, page builder plugins, or dedicated maintenance mode plugins.

Why Does My WordPress Site Say Coming Soon: 3 Main Reasons

Why Does My WordPress Site Say Coming Soon

Before we troubleshoot, it helps to understand what causes this in the first place. There are usually three culprits behind the event “Coming Soon”:

Reason:1 Plugins Add Surprise Features 

Plugins are like your site’s Swiss army knife – they add tons of handy features. But some have sneaky built-in “coming soon” or “maintenance mode” functions that automatically throw up placeholder pages. Tricky!

Let’s say you install a simple contact form plugin like WPForms. Awesome right? But surprisingly they have a setting that publishes a “Temporarily Closed” message across your site if you need to pause submissions.

Or take the Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode plugin. Its whole purpose is to show custom under-construction pages. No wonder your site may end up proudly announcing it’s still in the works!

So Who Are The Troublemaker Plugins?

Well, the usual suspects for phantom “Coming Soon” scenarios are plugins designed for the purpose! Heroes like “Coming Soon Page” by SeedProd or “WP Maintenance Mode” by Designmodo can mistakenly overstay their welcome.

It’s a bit ironic, isn’t it? You enable them to show construction status temporarily, but then they stubbornly refuse to leave the virtual job site.

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Check settings in these plugins for sneaky toggles stuck in the ON position for under-construction or coming-soon modes after your site is ready!

Reason 2:  Themes 

Just like crafty plugins, some themes have — gasp — betrayal in their source code! Popular pre-made themes often include coming soon functionality that activates without asking.

For example, check out the trendy Astra theme. Their Starter Templates are super convenient site launch pads. But enable one, and you may quickly see an “Under Construction” graphic saying more awesomeness coming soon!

Reason 3: Hosts 

To be helpful, some hosts automatically set up temporary “Coming Soon” pages when you first create your site. Consider it the appetizer while you prepare the main course!

Hosting hub GoDaddy is one provider known for greeting new sites with generic messages like “Something awesome is coming to this address!” Little do they know you’re already serving up awesome.

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Pro Tip

Pay attention to any plugins or themes you install, especially right before the message appears. Also, check if your host mentions a default “coming soon” page.

Fixing Why Does My WordPress Site Say Coming Soon: 5 Simple Steps

Why Does My WordPress Site Say Coming Soon

Now that we know some potential reasons why your site eagerly announces it’s coming soon when it’s not, let’s get down to troubleshooting so you can send that message packing for good!

Just follow these few simple troubleshooting steps to show off your website to the world once and for all!

Step 1: Check Your WordPress Settings

First things first, log into your WordPress dashboard and sniff out any settings controlling the coming soon or maintenance mode. Head to Settings > Reading and look for options related to site visibility.

See a toggle for “Coming Soon” or “Maintenance Mode”? Flip that switch to the Public setting and preview your site. With any luck, this quick update was all your site needed to get out of construction mode for good!

Some plugins have separate visibility settings too. Poke around to disable anything forcing maintenance mode here.

Step 2: Switch Up Plugins and Themes

If tweaking settings doesn’t cut it, tap those investigator skills to pinpoint any recently installed themes or plugins that could be the coming soon culprits. Sneaky!

Activate/deactivate likely suspects one by one. Does that new WP Maintenance Mode plugin refuse to budge? Or is your snazzy new theme stubbornly staying in construction mode? Weeding out the source is key!

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Pro Tip

Update or roll back recent changes right before the message appears. Review plugin/theme descriptions to spot any with this ability too.

Step 3: Clear All The Caches

Changed settings but still only see the stale “Coming Soon” page? The cache is likely the main roadblock now. Your site thinks it’s still under construction even after you said otherwise. Rude!

Open cache settings in plugins like WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache and clear everything with prejudice. Reset all the things! This forces your site to rebuild from scratch without outdated messages.

Browser cache can interfere too. Hard refresh/clear cache there after clearing the server-side cache for full effect.

Step 4: Call In The Pros

Still stumped after methodically troubleshooting? No shame in calling in reinforcements! Experts like developers, your host’s support team, and WordPress pros can peek behind the curtain to spot issues you can’t.

Pro Tip

Many hosts have proprietary visibility settings too. Support can double-check you didn’t miss obscure options in dashboard nooks and crannies.

Step 5: Celebrate With a Launch Party 

Wow, what a journey! But you debugged the issue, sent that silly coming soon message packing, and can finally bask in your live site. High fives all around!

Pop open the bubbly because you overcame pesky WordPress roadblocks like a boss. Now get out there and let the world enjoy your web masterpiece at long last!

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FAQs About why the WordPress site says coming soon

These are often used interchangeably but have some differences. Coming soon is for an unpublished site still in development. Maintenance mode is for a published site undergoing maintenance or updates.

This is likely a caching issue. Try clearing the cache through your browser, plugins, or host. Give it some time to propagate through networks.

Typically no. You as the admin may be able to access unpublished content to work on it. But other visitors will likely only see the Coming Soon message.

Most page builder plugins with coming soon features let you customize the design, content, and more. You can match it to your actual site’s branding.

Pay attention to changes right before the message appears. Toggle plugins and themes off one by one to isolate. Also, check their settings for related options.

Wrap Up

There you have it friends – the key reasons why WordPress may erroneously announce your site is coming soon when it’s not, plus troubleshooting tips to show off your content proudly.

With a few tweaks to check settings, deactivate culprit plugins or themes causing this, and clear that pesky cache, you can keep your site published 24/7. No more premature coming soon messages unless you put them there yourself!

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