How To Embed YouTube Shorts On WordPress [60-Second Video Guide]

Are you ready to supercharge your WordPress website with a bite-sized short video? 

In this guide, we’ll answer the cruise question: “How To Embed YouTube Shorts On WordPress?” and it’s a popular topic nowadays.

  • How can I embed a 60-second YouTube Shorts video on my WordPress website?
  • Are there any specific steps to follow when adding short videos to my WordPress content?
  • How do people enjoy short videos on their website? 
  • So,  how to do this? 

It’s pretty simple and quick!

Before we explain the “how,” let’s first walk you through what we’re dealing with, shall we?

What Is YouTube Shorts?

Let’s start with TikTok. It became a big hit with its short videos, which got YouTube thinking. So, YouTube came up with its own version called YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts are like bite-sized videos on YouTube. They are designed to be watched on your mobile Phone. They’re quick and catchy, meant to grab your attention right away. 

Now, these YouTube Shorts have become really popular and a dynamic way for those who make videos and want to connect with their viewers in an exciting way. 

When you add YouTube Shorts to your WordPress website, you make the user experience more interesting. It’s a visually attractive way to share content and break up long paragraphs of text. 

How To Embed YouTube Shorts On WordPress

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Step By Step Guide On How to Embed YouTube Shorts in WordPress

Ready to put YouTube Shorts on your WordPress site? Just follow these easy steps below.

How To Embed YouTube Shorts On WordPress

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: You should install the YouTube Feed Pro Plugin.

To showcase YouTube content on your website, YouTube Feed Pro is the top choice. It’s the leading YouTube feed plugin, enabling easy creation, customization, and embedding of YouTube feeds without requiring coding skills. With a few clicks, users can generate and personalize YouTube feeds hassle-free, making it a premier option in the market.

First, obtain the YouTube Feed Pro plugin and install it on your website. Once YouTube Feed Pro is installed and activated, proceed to the second step.

Pro Tip

If you need more clarification about the installation process, consult a user-friendly guide on adding WordPress plugins.

Step 2: Make a YouTube Feed.

To create a YouTube feed for showcasing YouTube shorts, videos, and more on your website, follow these steps for guidance. 

First, navigate to your WordPress dashboard, find the “YouTube Feed » All Feeds” then select the menu/section, and press the button “Add New.”

Next, the plugin will prompt on your screen to select the type of YouTube feed you wish to create, whether from YouTube channels, playlists, favourite lists, search results, or other options. 

Now, Choose the source for your YouTube shorts and proceed by clicking “Next.”

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Step 3: You Should Link Your Feed to YouTube

When you connect your feed to YouTube, you’re allowing it to access and retrieve the YouTube shorts. This means your website can show these shorts to your visitors. It’s like a bridge between your website and YouTube, making sure the content gets from one place to the other for people to watch on your site.

Pro Tip

The simplest method is to use a YouTube API key. This key helps your website communicate with YouTube and access the content you want to display.

After obtaining your API key, paste it into the pop-up on your website to connect your feed to YouTube. It enables you to select the channel, favourite playlist, search term, or other content to showcase on your website.

To use YouTube playlist, visit, find your favourite playlist, and copy the code from the end of the URL in your browser. Then, go back to your website and use this code as the source for your feed.

  • Then Right-click and paste this code into the “Playlist ID” field, then click “Next” to proceed.
  • Now, go back to your website, and you can use this copied code as the source for your feed. 
  • Then Right-click and paste this code into the “Playlist ID” field, then click “Next” to proceed.

You’ll notice making a new feed and linking it to a source with the YouTube Feed Pro plugin is a piece of cake! In the next step, you can begin customizing the appearance of the YouTube shorts on your website.

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Step 4: Personalize YouTube Feed.

When adding YouTube shorts through HTML, you’d need to adjust the code for the desired appearance. In contrast, YouTube Feed Pro offers user-friendly customization with a few clicks, making it a hassle-free solution.

To start, you can select a pre-made template for your feed. Multiple template options are at your disposal for your choice.

After selecting a template, click “Next.” Following this step, YouTube Feed Pro will open the live feed editor, enabling you to customize your YouTube shorts finely.

After you’ve picked a template, click on “Next.”

Once you’ve done that, YouTube Feed Pro will open the live feed editor, allowing you to customize your YouTube shorts in great detail.

On the left panel, you can change your template, feed layout, colours, header design, video elements, button design, and more. It gives you many options to make your YouTube feed look how you want.

Pro Tip

Modifying settings updates the live preview, displaying how the YouTube feed will appear to your website’s visitors, ensuring a personalized look.

Okay, Now, are you ready to design your YouTube shorts? If Yes, please Click “Feed Layout” on the left.

You can select from 4 layouts for your YouTube shorts: Grid, Gallery, List, and Carousel. Picking the layout that suits your content can change how your YouTube shorts are presented on your website.

If you want to showcase many YouTube shorts simultaneously, go for the grid layout. It arranges the videos in a neat grid with square thumbnails.

Then, there’s the gallery layout, which features a large video thumbnail with smaller thumbnails below it. This layout helps draw attention to a particular YouTube short and can give it a viral boost on your WordPress YouTube gallery.

Pro Tip

You can also emphasize your YouTube shorts effectively with the list layout.

The list layout arranges videos in a single column, making them highly visible on your site. For a more engaging website, consider the carousel layout, which presents your YouTube shorts in an attractive slideshow carousel.

Once you’re satisfied with your feed layout, click “Save” to save your changes. 

If you want to keep editing your YouTube shorts, click on the small “Customize” button in the top left corner.

The plugin allows you to personalize all the colours in your YouTube feed. To do this, click the “Color Scheme” option on the left.

If you want a quick and simple way to make your YouTube shorts look great, you can pick from 4 different colour schemes:

  1. “Inherit from Theme”: This copies the colours from your YouTube shorts.
  2. “Light”: It gives you a light background with a dark font.
  3. “Dark”: This one has a dark background and uses a light font.
  4. “Custom”: Pick all the colours yourself.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred colour scheme, click “Save” again to keep your changes.

Now, you can make further customizations to your feed, like the header design, load more buttons, video elements, and lightbox settings. It’s simple!

Once you’re content with how your YouTube feed looks, don’t forget to click “Save.”

Lastly, proceed to step 5 to embed your YouTube shorts on your website.

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Step 5: Embed YouTube Shorts on Your WordPress Site.

With YouTube Feed Pro, you have two methods to showcase shorts on your WordPress site:

Can’t decide which choice is best for you? Let’s discuss both options in detail.

Method 1: Embed YouTube Shorts on the Website’s Page

The great thing is you can begin putting your YouTube shorts on your site right from the live feed editor.

Begin by clicking on the “Embed” button which is displayed at the top right corner.

You’ll see a little window prompt open which is asking where you want to put your YouTube shorts. You can select a webpage, as a widget, or create a special code for embedding YouTube shorts.

  • For now, let’s click on the “Add to a Page” button.
  • Then, you’ll get a list of the pages on your WordPress website. 
  • Choose the page to show your YouTube shorts and click “Add.”
  • In this, you’ll reach WordPress editor.
  • Here, you can add a new block by clicking on the plus (+) icon.

Once you’ve added a new block, use the search bar at the top to find the “feeds for YouTube” block.

Among the search results, click on the “Feeds for YouTube” block to add your feed to your site.

After that, click on “Update,” and your YouTube shorts will be live on your website.

It’s clear that using the YouTube Feed Pro plugin makes it super simple to captivate your website visitors with YouTube shorts.

Method 2: Embed YouTube Shorts on Website Sidebar or Footer.

Now, let’s explore the second method of adding YouTube shorts to your WordPress site.

This plugin offers another option: you can use a YouTube widget to display the shorts in the sidebar or footer of your website.

Like before, you can begin this process in the live feed editor.

If you don’t have the live feed editor open already, you can access it by going to the YouTube Feed » All Feeds section/menu on your dashboard.

  • On that page, select the YouTube feed you wish to embed.
  • That will bring up your feed in the live feed editor again.
  • To continue, tap the “Embed” button at the top.

In the pop-up that appears with different choices, you can pick to put this YouTube shorts widget either in your website’s sidebar or at the bottom.

To the next point, hit the “Add to a Widget” button.

A New Widgets page Open on your site, where you can easily add, remove, or manage WordPress widgets.

Here, you can click on the “Sidebar” panel.

Or, you can also have option Footer, add YouTube videos in your website’s footer, just click on the “Footer” panel.

To insert a new widget, click on the plus icon (+) right here.

Then, choose the “Feeds for YouTube” widget from the available options.

To add multiple YouTube videos to your site’s sidebar or footer, simply click the “Update” button. When you visit your website, the embedded video feed will be there for everyone to see.

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FAQs About How To Embed YouTube Shorts On WordPress 2023 

When you put YouTube Shorts on your site, it is possible your website is a bit slower, don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. You can solve this issue using a WordPress plugin that loads videos slower or a speed optimization plugin to make your site faster.

Yes, they are! When you put a YouTube Short on your WordPress site, it should adjust to fit screens of all sizes.

Test how your content appears on various devices to confirm it looks as intended. If there are issues, consider adjusting your website’s CSS (styling) for the best display.

Adding YouTube Shorts to your WordPress site has great perks. 

  • It makes your site more attractive and engaging, enticing visitors to stay longer. 
  • These short videos boost interaction, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Well-optimized videos even improve your site’s search engine ranking, boosting SEO. By embedding YouTube Shorts, you not only enhance your site’s look and interactivity but also keep visitors engaged.


We have coverd all information about how to Embedding YouTube Shorts in WordPress in our article. It definitely goes beyond improving your site’s look – it’s a way to boost engagement. Our guide and FAQs equip you to do it smoothly.

Thanks for reading!

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