How To Start Niche Website To Make Money In 2023?

Seeking your next big niche? 

You’re not alone. Niche sites can be big money-makers, potentially replacing your 9-to-5 job. In this post, I’ll share my experiences about what I did right, what I messed up, and what I’d change if I were starting a new niche site today. How To Start Niche Website To Make Money In 2023? Now, I will help beginners build niche sites that start making money within just 60 days over hundreds of dollars a month. 

In this guide, I’ll teach you how to start a niche website while earning over $500 a month in the first year. 

But first, let’s cover the basics: What’s a niche site, how do niche affiliate sites work, and how much can you earn through a niche website? 

Ready? Let’s scroll!

What is a Niche Website? 

A niche website is like a super-focused website. It zooms in on a small part of a bigger topic, like a magnifying glass. The goal? To make money from it, mainly through ads, affiliate stuff, or selling digital things like courses or e-books. It’s like having a small shop in a big mall, and you sell things to people who are really into what you’re offering.

How To Start Niche Website

Niche Selection: What Works for You

Choose the ideal niche to which you’re passionate about or have a personal connection. This trick will keep you motivated and help you create authentic content. 

For example, a food-related niche would be a great fit if you are interested in cooking.

Here’s where to find niche ideas:

1. Monetization: 

Check if there are products or affiliate programs related to your niche that can generate income. Look for those with good commissions.

2. Demand: 

Use keyword tools to see if people are searching for your niche. Aim for niches with consistent interest.

3. Competition: 

See who’s already in the niche. Analyze if smaller websites can compete and rank in search results. 


Remember, these are broad niches, so think about specific sub-niches to start with and expand over time. For instance, within the food niche, you can begin with “healthy recipes” and later explore “vegan desserts” or “low-carb diets.”

How To Start Niche Website

How Do Niche Websites Work?

Let’s dive into how niche affiliate sites do their thing, and it’s a cool concept known as affiliate marketing. 

Here’s how it rolls: 

These websites promote other companies’ products through their content. When you create product-related content, and someone buys a product through your website, they get a piece of the pie as a commission. It’s like a connection between people and products, and you and you win a reward for it.

How does it work in practice? 

Well, imagine a niche site about hiking gear. They create articles, often like reviews, like “The top 5 backpacks for hiking.” In these, you explain the product’s features, tell you who should consider buying it, and give their take on the best options.

But here’s the sneaky part: 

This type of affiliate content has special links that take you straight to the product page on the seller’s site. If you buy that backpack, they recommended, they earn a commission. 

“But here’s the million-dollar question: How do we make it happen?

How To Start Niche Website

How To Start a Profitable Niche Website [ With Six Simple Steps] 

These easiest steps helpful for building a money-making niche site:

Step 1. Choose the Perfect Niche:

Start your journey by selecting a niche that genuinely interests you and it will be helpful if you consider your expertise or the topics you’re passionate about. Next, delve into extensive research to uncover niches that offer substantial earning potential. 

Step 2. Hunt for Killer Keywords:

If you Use keyword research tools to find high-demand, low-competition keywords that are directly related to your chosen niche and have significant search volume. These keywords will be the basis for your content strategy. So, selection is important in whole niche website beginning.

Step 3. Construct Your Website:

A crucial step in creating a niche website is choosing a domain name, select one that closely aligns with your niche. Additionally, choose a reliable hosting provider to ensure your site runs smoothly.

Finally, consider installing a user-friendly content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, to simplify the creation and management of your website’s content, making it more efficient and user-friendly. These decisions lay the foundation for a successful online presence.

How To Start Niche Website

Step 4. Compelling Content

The success of your online website’s earnings hinges on your content. By crafting engaging and informative articles centered around carefully selected keywords, you increase the likelihood of Google recognizing and ranking your site. 

It’s crucial to understand and cater to the needs and preferences of your target audience.

Consistency plays a pivotal role in this journey of profitable niche websites, so it’s essential to establish a content schedule that you can consistently uphold. 

Step 5. Buildup links:

Building links both internal and external to your site increases the chance of your website visibility and authority. You must use guest post ideas to reach out to other websites in your niche. 

Moreover, the High-quality backlinks help improve your site’s authority and ranking.

Step 6. Rinse And Repeat:

Consistently produce valuable content and expand your website to engage and attract audiences. Regularly monitor your site’s performance, adjusting strategies based on data insights for sustained growth. 

Additionally, Staying updated on industry trends is essential for maintaining competitiveness and relevance in the dynamic digital landscape. And SEO updates will help you adapt your strategies effectively. 

These steps are your roadmap to building a profitable niche website. Stay committed, and success will follow! 

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FAQs About How To Start Niche Website 

Creating a niche site from scratch involves many choices, including tools, themes, plugins, and hosting options. When it comes to building niche sites, I rely on these tools and services:

  1. Hostinger: This is my go-to hosting provider for niche sites. They offer affordable monthly plans, starting at $1.99, and even provide a business email account.
  2. Kadence Pro: For themes, I prefer Kadence Pro. It’s versatile, optimized for speed, and makes it easy to create attractive niche sites.

The initial cost is quite minimal, but it varies. You’ll need a domain name (around $10 per year) and hosting (starting at $40 per year). 

After this, you might have additional expenses like premium themes and plugins, content creation, link building, email marketing services, and SEO tools if you aim for a full-time income from niche sites.

Anyone interested in the website’s topic can benefit from it.

Niche SEO is a specialized approach to search engine optimization (SEO) that focuses on a specific segment of a market or target audience. It can be categorized into two types: white, which seeks traffic from various sources, and gray, which primarily relies on SEO for its audience.

The profit from running a niche website can vary, depending on factors like the niche topic and the website owner’s experience. On average, niche websites can make between four to eight dollars for every one thousand visitors.


The key to success in starting a niche website this year is choosing a topic you’re passionate about. If you’re wondering how to start a niche website, remember that most niche sites take time to become profitable, often around six months. So, to improve your website, you have to focus on SEO, keywords, and choosing high-value keywords to increase Google traffic. Additionally, monetize your site through affiliate programs and ads.

I’d love to hear about your niche website journey and any thoughts on creating profitable niche-based websites in the comments.

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